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The Perfect Recipe For Great Shopper Marketing

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In a previous blog I was a little grumpy about the state of shopper marketing. So much happening in-stores that really isn’t that good and so many opportunities for shopper marketers to improve.

So what makes good shopper marketing? Well – there is a simple recipe, and here it is, illustrated by a lovely piece of shopper marketing from the UK for Schwartz spices (recipe? Get it?).

Shwartz have done nothing really new – it’s an in-aisle display, with a sample and a recipe card. But the way it has been put together is really well thought through, and suggests this is driven by insight through and through.

Stand out

Tens of thousands of SKUs in  a store, thousands of messages too. Cut through is key. McCormick’s use a protruding display unit on shelf to draw people down the aisle,and make them stop. I wasn’t looking for spices, but this drew me in brilliantly.


Getting attention is one thing, but engaging is another thing entirely. Shoppers can dismiss an entire category in seconds, so your message doesn’t have long to grab. Shwartz don’t bother with words, they use things. Things are great at engaging as they encourage the shopper to use an extra sense – touch. These little spice trays are so irresistible. Every shopper who paused at the fixture whilst I was observing, picked one up.

Offer a solution solution to a (consumer) problem

The insight here is that people want to be more adventurous at home but don’t know how to do it. Shwartz has a recipe card to make it really easy. Radically new? No. Effective? You bet!

Overcoming a shopper barrier

I’m guessing that they also know that the cost of buying lots of new spices to make something decent is also a key shopper barrier – the consumer in me is hooked and convinced, but I need to buy six different spices, when I only need a pinch of each? The shopper in me balks. Schwartz solution? A neat little starter kit of spices with enough to get you going at a really low price.

Change the consumer as well as the shopper

Shopper marketing is about changing shopper behavior for sure. Shopper Marketing adds most value when it changes both shopper and consumer behavior,  in the long term. If the shopper activity doesn’t change consumer behavior, then all that has happened is that a pantry or larder somewhere has been stocked, probably at a discount. If however consumer behavior is changed too, then the product gets used, and the chances of another buy goes up. Change the consumer behavior long term, and the shopper will need to buy long term, to keep up.

Schwartz use a follow up on the back of the coupon to encourage more consumption by suggesting follow up recipes, which, of course, will lead to more sales. Recipe cards are nothing new, but this is well thought through not just to affect today’s purchase, but to create another purchase another day too.

Choose the right channel

This execution was in a Sainsbury superstore, certainly a great destination more shoppers looking for meal solutions.

Create an in-store marketing mix that wins

There is a simple blend here of availability (a unique pack, together with disruptive displays to drive visibility), communication (great messaging throughout) and offer (trial pack). The trinity of availability, communication and offer are the core elements of effective in-store marketing.

Excite the retailer

Sainsbury has a great tradition of quality foods and home cooking (celebrity chef Jamie Oliver once fronted their TV commercials). They would likely see this as supporting their strategies. Note that the Sainsbury name is on the card – this is exclusive, another Sainsbury “hot button”


The recipe here is simple.


Great shopper marketing isn’t easy. But there is a simple process to make it happen consistently and effectively. Print off this recipe card and use it whenever you want to create great shopper marketing.



Cupcake image courtesy of Kelly Sue DeConnick (Flikr)


Written by Mike Anthony

July 13, 2012 at 9:52 am

7 Responses

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  1. Another great example of great shopper marketing is using other channels that are relevant for the particular shoppers path to purchase. The new Pampers.com site is a great example of this. (http://www.pampers.com/home ) Make it all about mom and her needs and RELEVANT brand or product push when appropriate ! Lovely work P&G….!

    Craig Lodge

    July 13, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    • Hi Craig,

      Agree – I’ve started following a few brands on Facebook and Twitter and the majority of them seem to be way off mark – I can’t understand why anyone would connect (except that it is free and I might get a deal).

      All the best,


      Mike Anthony

      July 16, 2012 at 3:34 pm

  2. Love the recipe idea Mike – There’s Jamie Oliver potential for you still.


    July 14, 2012 at 8:04 pm

  3. […] Anthony offers the perfect recipe for great shopper marketing and Jim Nichols offers a shopper marketing cheat sheet. […]

  4. […] while back I blogged about a lovely in-store execution by Schwartz – the herbs and spice people. I loved this execution because it seemed to me to go to the heart […]

  5. […] while back I blogged about a lovely in-store execution by Schwartz – the herbs and spice people. I loved this execution because it seemed to me to go to the heart […]

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